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Mission Statement


Before the arrival of Islam in the 7th century A.D. Arabs were concentrated in the mostly desert Arabian Peninsula and were of little interest to the outside world.  With the unparalleled spread of the newly founded religion, Muslim Arabs found themselves in newly uncharted territories with converts speaking different languages. A large percentage of the new Muslims replaced their native languages with Arabic while some retained their native tongue.  It is this latter group that has fueled the need for linguists to translate the insurmountable Qur'anic, hadith, and sira literature.


The early philosophical connections between Islam and the West were unmistakable. With no clear unattached free will thinking foundation at hand, Muslim giant thinkers such as Avicenna and Averroes found solace in the Arabic translated works of Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato, and the like. In return, the voluminous commentaries and critiques of those Muslim thinkers, in addition to incalculable scientific manuscripts, were translated to Latin and played a major role in lifting Europe from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance era.


Today, a thousand years later, the geo-political environment has changed but the need for Arabic linguists remains. Philosophy has given way to business and security. The world has become a lot smaller and technology has transformed the art of translation forever. There is no need to haul documents for they can be scanned and sent electronically for translation virtually anywhere in the world. The same can be done to video and sound recordings for they can be saved as files and sent as attachments for translation.


We, at the Arabic Virtual Translation Center® LLC, are committed to providing the most accurate and fastest Arabic-English and English-Arabic translation and interpretation. All of our linguists are post-college graduates, native bilinguals, former holders of TS/SCI clearance, and have at least ten years of hands-on experience. Our offices are located in New York City but we serve people anywhere in the world.


Our goal is to bridge the gap between two distinct rich cultures through spoken language to create a harmonious environment to benefit all of mankind. For humanity to reach its full potential, we must put aside our selfish needs and work together to make the world, indeed, a better place.



Mohammed Arar

President and CEO

Arabic Virtual Translation Center® LLC

New York






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